“Designed for a Goddess – touched by an Angel”.

Lalimalu is inspired and emerged around the modern goddess.
A woman who dances to her own rhythm, who possesses great inner strength and loves all that is sacred and beautiful.
Born on Bali, the island of the gods, each jewellery collection combines spiritual inspiration with sustainably sourced luxury materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Sustainable luxury materials
Handmade in Bali
Spiritually inspired design

Choose your jewellery – you’ll never part with it again.

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  • Angel wing earrings - Abalone shell and gold - Lalimalu byTrampenau

    Rainbow Love (large)

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Jewellery with meaning - angel wing earrings

    Opal Wonder Gold (large)

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Gift cards for jewellery with meaning

    Gift card

    kr. 0,00kr. 500,00
  • Lalimalu angel earrings of Abelone shell and rose gold

    Black Rose Earwings

    kr. 1.695,00
  • Angel wing earrings - Rainbow Rose from Lalimalu at byTrampenau

    Rainbow Rose (large)

    kr. 1.675,00
  • Jewellery with meaning - angel wing earrings in Abelone shell and gold

    Rainbow Love (small)

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Angel wing earrings - sustainable jewellery from Lalimalu

    Opal Wonder Silver (large)

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Angel wing earrings in Abelone shell and gold

    Opal Wonder Gold (small)

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Rainbow Rose Earwings earcuffs

    Rainbow Rose Earwings

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Jewellery with meaning - angel earrings - earcuffs

    Purist Gold Earwings

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Large Angel Wings Earrings In mother of pearl and 24 carat gold

    Purist Gold (large)

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Angel Wings Earrings

    Purist Gold (small)

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Gold angel earrings with dark abelonescale

    Dark Angel (small)

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Black rose Angel Wings - exclusive angel earrings In mother of pearl

    Black Rose (small)

    kr. 1.695,00
  • Rainbow mother of pearl angel wings earrings

    Rainbow Rose (small)

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Mother of pearl earrings Angel Wings from Lalimalu at byTrampenau

    Opal Wonder Rose (small)

    kr. 1.595,00
  • Dark angel wings earrings in abelone shell with silver details

    Midnight Angel (small)

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Opal Wonder Angel Wings - mother of pearl angel wings earrings

    Opal Wonder Silver (small)

    kr. 1.475,00
  • Lalimalu Angel Wings - white mother of pearl angel earrings

    Snow White (small)

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Angel wing earrings by abeloneskal

    Rainbow Rose Studs

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Abeloneskal and Sterling Silver Angel Wings

    Opal Wonder Silver Studs

    kr. 1.475,00
  • Lalimalu Angel Wings at byTrampenau

    Opal Wonder Rose Studs

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Angelica Rainbow Rose - angel necklace

    Angelica Rainbow Rose

    kr. 1.695,00
  • Angel Wings LALIMALU

    Purist Gold Angel Studs

    kr. 1.475,00
  • Gold necklaces with mother of pearl angel pendant

    Angelica White Gold

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Mother of pearl angel wing necklace from Lalimalu

    Angelica White Silver

    kr. 1.495,00
  • Angelica necklace with angel wing pendant

    Angelica Black Rose

    kr. 1.595,00
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