Black Rose Earwings

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The unique earcuffs from Lalimalu are available in several variants – here in the dark BLACK ROSE ANGEL EARWINGS.

This variant is custommade for byTrampenau, because I want to offer you this beautiful color combination. The dark mother-of-pearl of the Abelones shell changes from brown, to black, to a dark greenish hue – depending on how the light falls on the earrings.

Black Rose Angel Earwings are for the divine woman who dares to make her mark on the world.

The hoop gives a very special look and the earrings fit all ear shapes. Ear plugs ensure that the angel wings are firmly attached.

The Earwings set is made from the beautiful Abelone shell and is hand carved in Bali, in a process that takes just over 8 hours per set.

The fine metal details are in brass and 3 micro rose gold and have an additional protective nano coating.

The fine angel wing earrings are with ear studs and the hoop can adapt to all ears, so they also fit you. See our Earwings guide on how to customize your earrings to your ear – click here

The weight is only 4gr per earring, so you hardly notice you have them on.

Each Abelonescale has its own natural beauty and therefore the exact colour patterns may vary slightly from jewellery to jewellery and from the image shown here.

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Black Rose Earwings earcuffs are made of Abelone shell and for these, the mother-of-pearl from the shells that have changed into the dark colours has been chosen. From brown to black to a dark greenish shade. Rather than depleting the ocean's resources of Abelone shell, Abelone shells are sustainably produced in Bali. This is where Lalimalu gets the raw materials for the fine angel wings. Each pair is handmade in Bali - made with care and love by small families of jewellery artisans. It takes about 12 hours per pair. The angel wings for the Black Rose Earwings are set in Brass Silver with 3 micro Rose Gold plating. In addition, they are provided with an extra nano coating for extra protection and durability. The unique earcuffs are adjustable and fit all ear shapes. With ear plugs, so the angel wings are firmly attached to the ear. The earrings weigh only 8g per pair and are therefore very light to wear. The Angel Wings earrings are designed with the spiritual intention to lift you up, make you feel supported and find the divine side of yourself. Black Rose Earwings are for the divine woman who dares to make her mark in the world. Abeloneskal, rose gold - handmade sustainably and ethically in Bali.


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