Kirsten Trampenau

Clairvoyant and Spiritual healer from CommonSense.
Member of the Clairvoyant Association.

Certified Integrative Coach Professional from The Ford Institute.

Nutritionist from the Nutrition Academy.


Intuitive tutor.


Happily married and mother of 2 grown and wonderful women.

At byTrampenau you will find personal jewellery and lifestyle products WITH MEANING.

I would like to offer you specially selected products that carry great value in several aspects.


❤️ Sustainability

I value that our jewellery is produced ethically under happy working conditions.
We prioritise buying from companies that work with sustainably sourced raw materials, such as recycled gold and silver.
Our suppliers operate on the concept of “giving back to the community” and prioritise their employees, providing good working conditions and wages and supporting the local communities in many other ways.

❤️ Messages

Many of our pieces have engraved messages of support.
Most of our notebooks, bags, posters and cards have motivational messages that support.
byTrampenau’s personal Mala necklaces and bracelets are available with clairvoyant message.

❤️ Energy

Our jewellery with crystals and natural stones carries unique energies and is put together with the intention to support in the best way. All jewellery is energetically cleaned before being sent to you, so it carries the purest possible energy for you.


❤️ YOU

Most importantly is that YOU like your jewellery or lifestyle product and it makes sense to YOU.


If you are curious about me, spirituality and clairvoyance, just click HERE

Open your arms and accept the abundance of life

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