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DAYU bags

sustainable fashion


Last year, I met Miss Dayu in Bali. At her little place I agreed to have her sew these beautiful bags.

With care, Miss Dayu and her few employees have sewn the bags in a fine patchwork pattern – made from recycled Sarongs

A Sarong is a traditional piece of clothing in Bali. A piece of fabric that drapes like a skirt. It is used by both women and men, especially in connection with ceremonies, but also as a daily garment.


Every single bag is unique.


Renew your style with a little magical touch of Bali.

The bags are spacious and have an inside pocket with a small zipper, so you can keep track of your mobile phone, wallet and keys.

They are perfect for the little shopping trip, for family gatherings, as a sports bag, for the beach trip – well, they are just perfect for everything.

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