Mala necklace with personal clairvoyant message for you

kr. 1.895,00

Have your very own and unique Mala necklace made, where I clairvoyantly mark into:

  • How exactly your Mala should be designed
  • Which crystal and stone beads your mala should carry and thus which vibrations should flow out of your mala necklace
  • What intention your Mala chain has for you

Before your Mala Chain is sent to you, it is cleansed of all extraneous energy so that it is clean and free for me to clairvoyantly label into what your Mala Chain is called and what message YOU need to carry.

Order your personalised Mala Chain to support and enrich you with what you need. You use it as jewellery, meditate with it and/or place it beautifully at your bedside table or wherever you spend a lot of time. Your personal Mala Chain supports and nourishes you.


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