GIFT CARD for personalised bracelet with clairvoyant message

kr. 1.295,00

Give a gift voucher for a truly personal and unique gift.

Get a completely personal and unique bracelet, where I clairvoyant marks into:

  • How exactly this bracelet should be designed
  • What crystal and stone beads the bracelet will carry and thus what vibrations will flow from it
  • What intention the personal bracelet has with

Before the bracelet is sent, it is cleansed of all extraneous energy, so it is clean and free for me to clairvoyantly label what this particular bracelet is called and what message it carries.

A personalised bracelet supports and enriches with exactly what is needed. It can be used as jewellery, as an energy tool, for meditation and is great to have around, whether you’re wearing it or it’s next to you in your favourite spot.

A personalised bracelet supports, affirms, inspires and nurtures its owner.

The bracelet with clairvoyant message is not made without the recipient’s knowledge and “yes please”.
For ethical reasons, I do not want to tag the clairvoyant into her/his energy without her/his consent.

Therefore, you initially give the gift card that I send to you and the recipient can subsequently redeem it with me and thus give his consent.

I then create an intuitively designed bracelet that comes with 2 pages of clairvoyant message.

When you buy a gift certificate for a personalised bracelet with a clairvoyant message, the happy recipient can easily redeem it with me by writing an email with the following information:

  • Gift card number
  • The full name
  • Address, phone number and email address (for the shipment)

The bracelet will then be sent free of charge to the recipient's address.


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