THANKFULNESS, guided meditation

kr. 75,00

Take a self-loving break and experience what the meditation GRATEFULNESS can give you:

  • Presence
  • Gratitude
  • Healing
  • Inner calm
  • Self-love
  • Trust


Find a quiet place, let go of everything external and take this time for yourself. Make yourself comfortable in a chair, on your meditation cushion or if you prefer to lie down.

Let yourself be guided in a 20-minute meditation – your self-loving break.

Enjoy and I wish you a beautiful experience with this meditation.

If you make meditation a regular part of your meditation practice, you may find, like me, that you connect more easily with your presence and inner wisdom in everyday life. You will probably also feel more trust and find yourself becoming gentler and more caring towards yourself. .

The meditation is made in the Magical Life Enjoyer atmosphere and if you want to read more about it, please feel free to visit




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