SURRENDER TO THE FLOW, gold bracelet

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This mandala pendant carries the essence of the flow of life, which endures forever.

Everything in the Universe is in constant motion, from the giant Banyan trees in Bali to the smallest molecules in our body cells.

By wearing this mandala bracelet, you remind your soul to safely surrender to the ever-changing and ever-evolving power of the Universe. Let yourself flow so the Universe can work to create magic in your life.

In the middle of this mandala pendant sits a 1,5mm Zircon crystal. This transparent crystal is naturally formed by magma fluid and has undergone enormous pressure to appear in the glittering form we see it in today. (Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, which is artificially made and often used in cheap jewellery)

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Materials: 22 carat gold plated 925 Sterling silver.

Bracelet length adjustable in 2 lengths: 17cm / 19cm |

This piece of jewellery changes the world a bit, as it:

- Contribute to a Balinese family in need, through the 'Adopt a family' project
- Made from sustainable and recycled materials
- Providing employment for mothers of street children in Bali
- Carries powerful healing vibrations

The jewellery is blessed in a Balinese ceremony.


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