MOON STAR earrings

kr. 675,00

With these beautiful earrings, you’ll feel connected to the Universe.

The elements of nature come together in the MOON STAR earrings:

  • Let the natural cycle of the moon become a part of you and let your feminine wisdom have plenty of space in your everyday life
  • Let the Star be a reminder to you that you are the star of your life and you are safe and supported by the Universe
  • Let the Aquamarine crystals be your support for inner peace, harmony, hope and generate the beautiful feeling we have when we look out over a crystal blue sea.

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Set of earrings: One earring with Moon and the crystal Aquamarine The other earring with Star and the crystal Aquamarine The earrings are gold plated with 22 carat gold on Sterling Silver and each carries a fine small Aquamarine crystal.

Kirsten Trampenau

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