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We dance an endlessly beautiful dance with the moon – moon phase after moon phase.

The moon has its cycle with its phases and to each phase is a special energy, a special strength, a special quality and wisdom.

You and I also have our cycle in life, each with its phases. Each phase with a special energy, a special strength and a special quality and wisdom.

Whether it’s the cycle of the day, the cycle of the month, the cycle of the year or the cycle of life – everything is connected and belongs together in one big unit.

Just as the moon doesn’t light up the sky in exactly the same way every night, we don’t light up in exactly the same way every day.

There is a time for everything:

❤️ Too introverted – too extroverted
❤️ For reflection – for action
❤️ For farewell – for welcome
❤️ For visibility – for invisibility
❤️ For up – for down

The MONDAY bracelet supports you to live in flow with all that is and find peace in the fact that everything is a cycle.

Be inspired to live in harmony with all the phases of your life – just as the moon lives in harmony with all the phases of the moon. Invite the moon to dance.

The bracelet is designed with specially selected crystals, all of which represent each of these moon phases:

– new moon
– Waxing moon
– full moon
– Waning moon
– Dark Moon

You can choose to rotate your bracelet according to the phases of the moon and have the crystal for the new moon at the top and visible to you when we are in the moon phase new moon and so on – a nice visual reminder if you are actively working with the phases of the moon.

Between each moon phase crystal in the bracelet, you will find the beautiful mountain crystal, which strengthens the overall energy of the bracelet. Its beautiful divine light shines finely binding the bracelet together.

With your bracelet comes a small description of the crystals for each moon phase.

The crystal bracelet is designed and made byTrampenau.

It is available in very limited quantities and only in 2 sizes - 16,5cm and 19,5cm.

A small description of the crystals for each moon phase is included.



Additional information

Moon dance str bracelet

Large, 19,5cm, Small, 16,5cm

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