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Ka Fuh Daphne is an incense that brings the scent of small flowers and the feeling of spring.

Fine, delicate floral fragrance – fleeting in the breeze and very, very pure and high quality.

We don’t know how they do it – the Japanese smoking masters at Nippon Kodo.

When you light a Daphne incense stick, it has a little fine smoke just as you light it, but otherwise it just glows and smells.

You can hardly call it ‘incense’ when there is no ‘smoke’ – only the clean and purifying smell.

Japanese incense is considered the purest and most exclusive incense in the world.

A whole stick burns for about 25 minutes, but because there’s no wooden stick in the middle of the incense – there’s only the incense itself – you can break off a piece in advance and decide whether you want about 12 minutes (half a stick) or, say, about 8 minutes (a third of a stick), etc.

Included in the package is a small incense holder.

You can use Daphne to spread a clean fragrant energy in your home and it’s also great for meditation.

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50 sticks in a box

Small incense holder included.

Length: 14 cm

Burning time: about 25 minutes

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