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    Malachite Necklace with Indian Agat from byTrampenau


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    Tree of Life Mala Chain NEW BEGINNINGS


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If you are looking for a very special Mala necklace, you will find unique Mala necklaces at byTrampenau, which are personally and intuitively designed and handmade in Denmark. We emphasize that you get a quality piece of jewelry with meaning that you can enjoy for a very long time.

If you choose our unique Mala Chains, you will get a unique piece of jewellery that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each Mala necklace is composed to be aesthetically beautiful and so that the energies of the crystals harmonize and can support you in the best way.

The necklace has 108 beautiful crystal/natural beads and depending on the design maybe more decorative beads. It can be finished either with a pendant or a guru loop and tassel. We handcraft all quilts ourselves. This gives us great flexibility, so we can make exactly the tassel – in terms of colour, thickness and length – that we think suits the individual chain.

When a Mala necklace is created, it is done in an intuitive flow of creativity and with respect to the unique energies of each crystal and stone bead. Every single Mala chain gets loving attention. Work is done in a meditative and respectful atmosphere.

Each Mala chain has its own energy and meaning and it is given a very special name. You can read the description under each chain and find exactly the support you want from a Mala. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us. We try to accommodate your wishes for the crystals, the look of your Mala necklace and the energies you want it to carry.

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