Men's bracelets

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  • Personalized Valentine's gift - love bracelet for two


    kr. 499,00
  • Personalized Valentine's gift - love bracelet for two


    kr. 499,00
  • Personalized Valentine's gift - love bracelet for two


    kr. 499,00
  • Personalized fashionable ladies and men bracelet of Tiger eye from byTrampenau


    kr. 395,00
  • HANDLEKRAFT men's bracelet from byTrampenau

    HANDLEKRAFT men’s bracelet

    kr. 250,00
  • TRYGHED men's bracelet from byTrampenau

    TRYGHED men’s bracelet

    kr. 250,00
  • POSITIVITY men's bracelet from byTrampenau


    kr. 250,00
  • Sale!
    Ro & Grounding Lava stone bracelet

    RO & GROUNDING men’s bracelets

    Original price was: kr. 295,00.Current price is: kr. 175,00.
  • Crystal Bracelet with Dragon Blood Jasper

    WISDOM & CREATIVITY men’s bracelets

    kr. 295,00
  • CLARITY & CONFIDENCE men's bracelet from byTrampenau

    clarity & certainty men’s wristbands

    kr. 295,00
  • byTrampenau


    kr. 400,00

Men’s bracelets of crystal and natural stones are intuitively designed and handmade byTrampenau in Denmark.
We attach great importance to you getting a bracelet with meaning that you can enjoy for a very long time.

the beads are carefully selected so you get the best energy mix
we use a strong elastic thread
working in a meditative atmosphere with respect for the unique energies of the crystals
all bracelets are energetically cleaned before they are sent to you

Not just a onesize bracelet, but one that fits you perfectly. Therefore, there are many different sizes to choose from. Most people think a suitable bracelet is 2 cm larger than the tight measurement of your wrist.

Some choose bracelets based on looks, colours and fashion trends.

Some choose bracelets based on the energy and support of the crystals and natural stones that the bracelet has.

…and there’s no doubt that all the bracelets can do both. Both as a beautiful piece of jewellery and as a supportive energy bracelet.

Each bracelet has a special name, which refers to the support you get in the bracelet.

We create both men’s and women’s bracelets. Read more about each bracelet in each product description. If you can’t find the bracelet you’re looking for, feel free to contact us. We want to meet your wishes in the best way.

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