Malas - designed and handmade byTrampenau

A byTrampenau mala necklace is a personal piece of jewellery, intuitively designed and handmade with beautiful crystal and natural pearls. Some are finished with a pendant and others with Guruperle and handmade tassel.

You get a personal and unique piece of jewellery that can follow you and enrich you with the support you seek and need.

You can choose a Mala bracelet that can be used as a double bracelet or a Mala necklace that is beautiful as a necklace.

Each piece is intuitively assembled from selected crystals and natural stones and you can see under each piece the name it bears and the support it offers.

If you are in doubt about which support you need most and which Mala is right for you – well, you are always welcome to contact me. You can also choose a Mala Necklace/ Mala Braceletwith clairvoyant message – here you get a piece of intuitively designed for you personally jewelry, including clairvoyant advice, support, inspiration and confirmation (2 pages of written clairvoyant messages for you).

Kirsten Trampenau

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