Here they are – the fine wooden hairpins

Put your long hair up in a beautiful hairstyle with a hair stick. Light, beautiful and comfortable.

The hair sticks are hand carved in different spiritual motifs and are from the island of Bali.

If you have fine hair, the single hair stick is recommended and if you have thick hair, the hairstyle will hold better if you choose a hair stick with 2 sticks.

The hair sticks are made of a good quality wood – but remember, it’s an organic material and it can break if you treat it harshly.

  • HAMSA HAND Hair stick from ByTrampenau

    HAMSA HAND Hair Stick

    kr. 75,00
  • Lotus Flower Hair Stick

    LOTUSBLOMST Hair stick

    kr. 75,00
  • Harmony - wooden hair stick - jewellery with meaning

    HARMONY Hair stick

    kr. 75,00
  • OHM Hair stick, hand carved in wood in Bali.

    OHM Hair stick

    kr. 75,00
  • FLOWER OF LIFE Hair stick

    kr. 75,00
  • Hair stick in wood from byTrampenau

    TREENIGHED Hair stick

    kr. 75,00
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