MY HAPPY LIFE Mala necklace

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The energies in the mala MY HAPPY LIFE supports you in paying attention and really acknowledging all the happy moments you already have in your life.

The Mala also supports you in your feelings around happiness as well as attracting more happiness. It helps you recognizing what actually makes you happy.

The gemstones are beatifully combined in this mala, the warmth of the colors are stunning and it carries the energies of:

  • Grounding – “I am confident in who I am. I feel safe and supported by Mother Earth”.
    The colors in the mala necklace support the root chakra.
  • Passion – “my happiness is based on the passion in my life. That I focus on being and doing what I am passionate about. What makes me want to get up every morning and look forward to another day?”.
  • Positivity – “there is always 2 sides to the same story and I choose to see the positive rather than the negative”.
  • Motivation – “I choose to do as much as possible of what I love, thereby filling up my inner energy level and increasing my motivation”.
  • Creativity – “I let go of the desire to control everything in taking a certain direction and instead I surrender to my creative flow”. I create from within and am letting the joy of life bloom inside and outside me. The orange colors support the Hara chakra.

The MY HAPPY LIFE mala is handcrafted in a loving and respectful atmosphere, supporting the energies in the Mala even more. Handcrafted from specially selected and composed crystals and tied with a knot between each bead. Finished with a large Guru bead and a handmade tassel.

Wear your beautiful necklace or keep it close to you and feel how it supports you with beariful energies.

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The mala chain is designed and handmade by byTrampenau.

Beautifully handcrafted with quality gemstone beads - Quartz, Jaspis, Carnelian, Garnet, Aventurine, red Tigereye and Clear Crystal.

The necklace is appx 56 cm long.


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